Colour, Gardner 10 max.
Acid Value, mgKOH/g 2.0 max.
Saponification Value, mgKOH/g 12 max.
Hydroxyl Value, mgKOH/g 120-180
Melting Point, °C 58 min.
Peroxide Value, me/kg 15 max.
Water Abs. Capacity, % 200 min.
Ash, % 0.1 max.
Loss On Drying, % 0.5 max.
Cholesterol (GC), % 30.0 min.
Total Pesticides 3 ppm max.
Packaging sizes 20 kg, kibbled
24 kg, in 1.5 kg blocks
25, 50 and 190 kg in drum
Shelf life 2 years
Storage Tightly closed, at ambient temperature

Composition and Description

LANOWAX EP consists of the highly refined, unsaponifiable fraction of wool wax, which is additionally subjected to molecular distillation to improve both colour and odour. Synonyms: wool wax alcohols, lanolin alcohols, wool alcohols. LANOWAX EP is a very complex mixture of alcohols with a mean molecular weight of about 370 Da, consisting of cholesterol, lanosterol, agnosterol, and their dihydro derivatives as well as straight and branched chain aliphatic alcohols.


LANOWAX EP is distinguished from normal lanolin alcohol by its bright colour and faint odour. It is a strong W/O- emulsifier in the form of a hard, semi-crystalline wax and fulfils the requirements of the monograph ‘Wool Alcohols’ of the European Pharmacopoeia. Only the best raw material is used for production and process conditions are chosen to ensure that the product does not degrade thermally or chemically. Since it is manufactured gently in modern facilities, the initial peroxide value (measure of oxidation) is very low. Therefore LANOWAX EP does not need additional stabilisers. Nevertheless, a shelf life of 2 years is guaranteed. Upon request, BHT or natural alpha-tocopherol can be added as stabilisers.


The good colour characteristic and low odour of LANOWAX EP works well in creams of highest quality, where maximum white colour is important, e.g. in sports creams, hair creams, creams for dry skin, etc. Its emulsifying properties can be increased by addition of cetyl alcohol, beeswax or lanolin (de-oiled). These mixtures are the basis of ointments with a remarkably good colour. LANOWAX EP can be used in small quantities as a thickening agent in shampoos and bath gels.


LANOWAX EP consists of Wool Alcohols Ph. Eur., a substance that is used in many pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. In only very few cases an allergic reaction was observed. The substance is also listed in other pharmacopoeias such as in the USP. Wool Alcohols showed an LD50 in acute oral toxicity test greater than the maximum administered dose, reflecting an extremely low toxicity.


LANOWAX EP is easy to use. It is safe, melts easily and has a relatively low volatility. Prolonged heating above the melting point should be avoided. In cases where cholesterol crystals are still present after melting, the melt can be further heated to 115 °C. Subsequently, it should be quickly cooled down. LANOWAX EP should be stored cool and dry in well-sealed containers in preferably large pieces with minimal surface area.

Solubility at room temperature

Water: none; mineral oil: partially soluble; castor oil: soluble; oleyl alcohols: soluble; isopropyl myristate: partially soluble

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