Colour, Gardner 9 max.
Acid Value, mgKOH/g 1.0 max.
Saponification Value, mgKOH/g 2.0 max.
Hydroxyl Value, mgKOH/g 10 - 15
Iodine Value 12 max.
Loss On Drying, % 0.2 max.
Density (25 °C), g/ml 0.840 – 0.870
Packaging sizes 20 kg
Shelf life 2 years
Storage Tightly closed, at ambient temperature

Composition and Description

LIQUID ABSORPTION BASE is a liquid mixture of lanolin alcohols in paraffin oil of low viscosity that is separated by cooling and filtration of sedimenting components.


LIQUID ABSORPTION BASE is a pharmaceutical grade lanolin alcohol that is easily processable in its liquid form. It is clear, almost colourless and odourless, absorbs quickly into the stratum corneum and has strong emulsifying and moisturising properties. It is a surface-active, non-ionic W/O emulsifier and results in emulsions that tolerate a wide pH range and high electrolyte concentrations.


The solubility and clarity of LIQUID ABSORPTION BASE are especially desirable in non-aqueous, liquid skin or hair products such as bath, baby and sunscreen oils, as well as in liquid brilliantines. LIQUID ABSORPTION BASE is also particularly useful as co-emulsifier, which can give O/W- and W/O- creams, such as cleansing and moisturising creams. It also gives a beautiful and smooth structure to pigmented makeups.


Tests carried out with 100% substance in accordance with the FDA criteria showed no eye irritation. No adverse reactions in humans have been observed during manufacturing or in the application of the product for over 25 years. Tests of acute oral toxicity in rats showed a LD50, which was larger than the maximum administered dose of 16 ml/kg for acetylated lanolin alcohols.


LIQUID ABSORPTION BASE has a low viscosity and is therefore easy to handle. Turbidity or sedimentation, which might form after storage at lower temperatures, can be easily removed by heating and stirring. Prolonged heating especially at temperatures above 80 °C should be avoided. LIQUID ABSORPTION BASE should be kept cool in well-sealed containers. It is stable under normal storage conditions for at least 2 years.

Solubility at room temperature

Water: none; acetone: partially soluble; ethanol, anhydrous: partially soluble; isopropanol anhydrous: not soluble; mineral oil: soluble; isopropyl myristate: soluble

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