Deutsche Lanolin Gesellschaft GmbH & Co. KG

The DEUTSCHE LANOLIN GESELLSCHAFT is entirely specialised in trading with lanolin and its derivatives. We have collected a wealth of experience over the decades about the many benefits and uses of lanolin, which we would like to share with our customers and prospects. We consider ourselves as a long-term and reliable partner and are always committed to the highest level of quality. This is reflected through the ISO 9001 certification that we have since 2003.


The DEUTSCHE LANOLIN GESELLSCHAFT was formed in 1968. This was preceded by a collaboration that was established in 1953 between the company Gustav Parmentier and the Westbrook Lanolin Company, Bradford.

Up until 1972, the largest German lanolin manufacturer was the Wollkämmerei Döhren. When the business was closed, the rights and trademarks were taken over by WESTBROOK. Döhren was the company that was represented by Gustav Parmentier, the great-grandfather of today's owners, until his death in 1935 in the German state, Hesse. At that time, his son, Benno Parmentier, was not entrusted with the business because he was considered to be too young.

Acquisition of the 'Kämmerei Döhren' in 1972

In 1998, the Westbrook Lanolin Company was sold and thus ended the long and successful cooperation.

The DEUTSCHE LANOLIN GESELLSCHAFT has since form a partnership with a new, capable partner - NK Ingredients, Singapore. This company was a result of a 110 million dollar investment by a Japanese lanolin manufacturer, who later in 1994 had to file for bankruptcy. The plant in Singapore was build according to the highest modern specifications. Today, more than 40 staffs are employed at the plant.