Our Lanolins

 Lanolan EP ELP Wool Fat Ph.Eur.
 Lanolan EP ELP 3% Wool Fat Ph.Eur., hypoallergenic
 Lanolan EP10 Wool Fat Ph.Eur. 1997
 Lanolan PC Cosmetic Lanolin
 Lanolan Wax Deoiled Lanolin
 Lanolan Oil Liquid Lanolin
 Lanolan Oil LP Liquid Lanolin Low Pesticide
Lanolin is obtained from raw wool grease by several washing steps and molecular distillation. Depending on the degree of purification and especially of the pesticide levels, different types of lanolin (wool fat) can be distinguished. Additionally, the liquid and crystalline fractions of lanolin can be separated resulting in lanolin wax (deoiled lanolin) and liquid lanolin (lanolin oil). These two products are not a result of chemical modification of the natural lanolin, but rather single fractions of lanolin. Therefore, apart from the melting point, they have similar properties to the natural lanolin.