Our Lanolin Alcohols

 Lanowax Cosmetic Cosmetic Grade Lanolin Alcohol
 Lanowax EP Wool Alcohol Ph.Eur.

Lanolin alcohols consist of highly refined, unsaponifiable fraction of wool wax, which is additionally subjected to molecular distillation to improve both colour and odour. Lanolin alcohol is a complex mixture of alcohols with a mean molecular weight of about 370 Da, consisting of cholesterol, lanosterol, agnosterol and their dihydro derivatives as well as straight and branched chain aliphatic alcohols. In addition to their skin caring properties they are excellent W/O emulsifiers.

The cholesterol content in LANOWAX COSMETIC GRADE is lower than in the pharmaceutical quality LANOWAX EP because it is molecularly distilled from a wool alcohol grade, from which a major part of the cholesterol was extracted (for making NK cholesterol). This is also the reason why this grade can be offered at a lower price. Despite the reduced cholesterol content, the emulsifying properties are in no way less than that of the pharmacopoeial quality.