Our Fatty Acids Range

 Fatty Acids bleached Lanolin Fatty Acids, Gardner 10 max.
 Woolgrease Fatty Acids Wool Fatty Acids for technical applications
 Isopropyl Lanolate Isopropyl Ester of Lanolin Fatty Acids
Lanolin fatty acids are obtained through hydrolysis of lanolin for the recovery of lanolin alcohol. In addition, they are already present in a large proportion as free fatty acids in raw wool grease. It is a highly complex mixture of fatty acids, composed of roughly 40% by weight of straight chain acids, 20% of branched chain acids and approximately 40% of hydroxy acids. The majority of this mixture of fatty acids is saturated with carbon chain lengths from C8 to C40 that form a hard, waxy, buttery coloured solid.

Untreated wool fatty acids are particularly suitable for technical applications such as anticorrosive or lubricants. In the bleached form they are also suitable for cosmetic applications.

Isopropyl lanolate is prepared by esterification of natural fatty acids of lanolin with isopropyl alcohol. It has a bright colour, faint odour, is non-greasy and gives the skin a soft and smooth feeling.